Trắc nghiệm ‘What am I?’ dành cho trẻ

“I live in the water. You can drive me. I might make you sick”. Từ những gợi ý này, bạn có biết “I” là gì?

Ảnh: Emaze

Ảnh: Emaze

Câu 1:

I am hot.
I live in the sky.
I am bright.
Don’t look straight at me.
I disappear in the night.

Câu 2:

I live in the water.
You can drive me.
I might make you sick.
Don’t put a hole in me.
Tie me up when you’re done.

Câu 3:

I am in your body.
I am red.
I am the symbol for love.
Blood pumps through me.
Please don’t break me.

Câu 4:

I am red, green, or yellow.
I am a healthy snack.
I make good juice.
You can bite me or slice me.
Give me to a teacher.

Câu 5:

I am circular.
I go up and down.
You can throw me.
You can catch me.
Be careful with me near windows.

Câu 6:

I cry a lot.
I love milk.
Everyone smiles at me.
Please pick me up.
I’m new to the world.

Câu 7:

I am usually green and brown.
I can live for a long time.
I’m a house for a bird.
Kids love to climb me.
I need rain.

Câu 8:

I smell nice.
I am beautiful.
I come in many different colours.
You can pick me.
Don’t forget to water me.

Câu 9:

I have five wheels.
You need a key for me.
You can sit inside me.
Don’t make me go too fast.
Please wear my belt.

Câu 10:

I twinkle.
There are millions of me.
I will light your way.
I come out at night.
I hide in the city.

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