Những trạng từ thể hiện tính so sánh

Để cải thiện kiến thức ngữ pháp IELTS, bạn có thể tham khảo các trạng từ thể hiện ý nghĩa so sánh dưới đây.

Adverb Definition Example Meaning
Comparatively/relatively In comparison with something else Our sample was relatively/comparatively small Tương đối là
Especially/particularly More than usual The process was not especially/particularly difficult Đặc biệt là
Specially More than usual (spoken English) The exam was specially hard this year. Đặc biệt là
Somewhat (opposite: considerably) (Slightly formal): a little; slightly When we tested younger boys, we obtained somewhat/considerably different results. Hơi/ khá là
Primarily Mainly Amir is primarily interested in bio-physics. Chủ yếu
Mostly/largely Almost completely (but not totally so) The research was largely/mostly successful Chủ yếu
Directly Without anything else being involved The illness is directly linked to poor housing. Trực tiếp

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