Đo vốn từ vựng với câu đố ‘What am I’?

Với các dữ kiện như “I am multi-coloured, I appear after a storm, people always point at me”, bạn có đoán được đó là cái gì?

Ảnh: Freepik

Ảnh: Freepik

Câu 1: 
I am associated with Spring.
I love to hop in the grass.
I play in your vegetable garden.
My teeth are long and sharp.
I am soft to pet.

Câu 2:
I am a home for royalty.
There are many of me in England.
I am made of stone.
I am protected by a ring of water.
I’m found in many legends.

Câu 3:
I have buttons or a zipper.
You don’t need me in the summer.
Hang me in your front closet.
I’ll protect you from a cold wind.
I have pockets and sometimes a belt.

Câu 4:
I am multi-coloured.
I appear after a storm.
People always point at me.
Everyone takes my picture.
Legend says there is gold at the bottom of me.

Câu 5: 
I am a delicious treat.
Lick me with your tongue.
I come in a bowl or a cone.
Don’t eat me too slowly.
One of my flavours is vanilla.

Câu 6:
I’m a pretend animal.
I have four paws.
I’m stuffed with fluff.
Please take me to bed with you.
Hug me if you have a bad dream.

Câu 7:
I’ll keep your hair dry.
Bring me just in case.
I’m long and light to carry.
Don’t open me in the house.
I hope you don’t need me today.

Câu 8:
I live in the jungle.
I love to eat bananas.
I’m very similar to a human.
I’m a curious creature.
I have a long curly tail.

Câu 9:
I am popular for winter sports.
I can be very dangerous.
You can go up or down me.
I get colder as you go higher.
Don’t forget your safety gear.

Câu 10:
You use me when you’re resting.
I protect your neck and head.
I’m soft and comfortable.
Ask for me on an airplane.
Fighting with me is fun.

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